Head of the James – Iron Gate, Virginia – Thursday, February 25th, 2021.

Pulling over beside the road in Iron Gate, Virginia, I spoke to a man named Pat who was working on his big truck. I commented about the beginning of the James River and wanting to get some pictures. The afternoon sun was shining on the confluence of the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers forming the James River.

Pat told me to go across to Mr. Gibson’s house and speak to him regarding permission to take photos on his property. I drove across the railroad tracks and knocked on Mr. Gibson’s door. He was very nice and was happy to let Jake and I go down by the river.

Walking down the bank and through a barbed wire fence I got to the “Head of the James” on Mr. Gibson’s property by the confulence of the three rivers. The sun was shining up the Cowpasture while the eddy’s were strong as the Jackson River came in from the left. To the right, the mighty James River headed east. This was so great to be able to get these photos and the sun shining in the afternoon when I happened to be there and getting permission from Mr. Gibson was all such a fantastic end to my trip to West Virginia.  Thank you Mr. Gibson for letting me get these photos and thank God for such a pretty day.

Holt Messerly for HoltMesserly.com