New London Day 2022 was Great!

New London Day 2022, New London, Virginia. The African Church on Alumn Springs Road, hosted by Delores Nash Hicks. The Osage Oranges and Black Walnuts and Pumpkin in the display by the Church represent local historical items. Photo by William Holt Messerly, Jr.
New London Day 2022, In Historic New London Virginia.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022 the Friends of New London, Liberty University and other volunteer groups and individuals put on a beautiful festival in the Historic New London Village. This historic area is just west of Lynchburg at the western edge of Campbell County, beside Bedford County, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Liberty University’s History Department has documented many details from many different topics in this historic area. The old Alumn Springs Hotel and the grounds are being studied for the plants and the house and of course the water from the victorian era mineral springs. Various digs on and around the hotel have been studied and there is much more work to be done. The area  is steeped in history.

Just down the street at the corner of Town Fork Road and Alumn Springs Road, The old Meades Tavern is being studied. It is really amazing to see the old beams that are exposed during this study. They have dug out under the house to expose the foundations and are documenting every step of the way. The work being done is outstanding! Randy Lichtenberger has led much of this research. Good job Randy!

Down the street beside the old Dr. Kabler’s office on the left there were two old cars this year! (last year there was one).

Just down the path beside the Dr’s office is the Brush Arbor beside the African American Church. Delores Nash Hicks hosted the events at the Brush Arbor and inside the Church. She likes to display items of historical interest from the era when she was growing up in the church when it had many members. One day the church will be renovated.

Back down Alumn Springs Road headed west, the office of The Friends of New London hosted displays from various historical groups such as the Virginia Canals & Navigations Society. Dr. William E. Trout, III (Bill Trout) and the VC&NS Archivist, Diane Easley along with myself, the VC&NS Publisher for Bill Trout. We had copies of the hardbound book Amazing Virginia Canals there for Bill and I to sign. Many different river atlases from Virginia and North Carolina were on display. My canvas tent fly that I got last year with the old style candle lanterns made a nice display.

The food truck beside Meades Tavern was fantastic.

Thanks for a great day.

Holt Messerly
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