New London Day

New London Day – New London, Virginia:

New London, Virginia is a very historic site located west of Lynchburg, Virginia and was an outpost during the Revolutionary War with an armory.

The old New London Village has several historic buildings with historical studies and renovations ongoing. 

Having lived in New London since the early 1990’s, I have helped with many of the New London Day events over the years.

The Friends of New London and Liberty University have been expanding this festival day for several years.

The Alum Springs Hotel, Mead’s Tavern (originally Rutherford School for Girls), The old Store, and the African American Church are some of the major points of interest.

In 2021 a new sign was erected beside Mead’s Tavern with history and has links for more information. Click here to see Liberty University’s New London Day Page:

This year’s event is on October 2nd, 2021. I plan on putting up my tent display and showing some of my photos from this years James River Batteau Festival under my new canvas tent fly behind the old Dr. Cabell’s office at the entrance of the path to the Brush Arbor.

The Brush Arbor and the African American Church are historic and Mrs. Delores Nash Hicks gives history talks and shows many of her artifacts that she has collected over the years.

Please come and visit New London, which is one block east of the intersection of us 460 west and Turkey Foot Road, and only a few miles west of the LYH airport.

I’ve embedded several videos from the 2019 New London Day:

Above: My friend Delores Nash Hicks and Olivia Graham portraying Delores Nash Hicks in 2019.

Above: Friends of Delores Nash Hicks poking fun with some piggies in the back of a truck outside of the African American Church where Delores was hosting her event inside the church.


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